4 best cloud storage

Cloud storage allows files or folders to be stored in a remote storage systems over the internet. The files are managed and can be accessed by users when needed.

Before choosing any cloud storage provider, you need to consider the different plans they offer and their features. The features are: synchronization, price, security, storage space, shareability, collaboration, recoverability and accessibility.

We have compiled a list of four (4) popular cloud storage providers with their plans and features. The features you enjoy depend on your subscription plan.

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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft one drive can be utilised for personal or business purpose. Each category comes with different plans. Microsoft one drive offers a Basic 5GB plan for free users. Paid plans come with higher storage capacities, 100GB, 1TB and 6TB


Back up files anywhere from any device.

Access your files even when you’re offline.

Files, folders and photos can be shared with friends and family. You only have to send them the link to access the file.

Files you edit when offline will be updated in the drive once you’re online.

Password protection of files or sharing link expiration.

you can check Microsoft OneDrive plans and pricing here


Provides cloud storage services for the iOS users and even windows PC. icloud offers  5GB of free storage upon registration. You need to upgrade to enjoy a larger storage plan. The storage plans are in different sizes of 50GB, 200GB and 2TB.


Automatic backup

Synchronize information among multiple devices

Send link to share files. Applicable to 200GB and 2TB plan users only.

Move files from one device to a new one by logging in with your account details.

learn how to set up icloud storage for window PC


Allows you to back up photos, videos, documents and other files to cloud storage. You can access them with your computer or mobile device from anywhere . The free plan comes with a 2GB storage space. You should upgrade to a higher plan if you want expanded benefit. The higher plans are: plus and professional which offer 2TB and 3TB storage capacities respectively.


Automatic synchronization- any file you work on while offline will be automatically updated whenever you’re online.

Files deleted unintentionally is recoverable. You’ll be asked to confirm if the delete was from you.

Two factor authentication.

256 bits AES and SSL/TLS encryption.

Advance sharing feature.

You can check Dropbox plans and pricing

Google One

Every google account is provided with a 15GB free storage that is shared across Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. You’ve to subscribe to Google One service which is developed for consumer market in order to enjoy higher storage plan starting from 100GB.


Manage your storage plan, which covers Google Drive, Gmail and original quality photos and videos in Google Photos.

Files are easy to share.

Automatically backup your photos,, contacts, messages and more.

Your files are safe even when you lost your device.

Access to google experts.

You can add up to five (5) family members.

You can check google one plans and pricing.